Motherhood in the Moments

Jul 06, 2021
I remember a specific night when Emersyn was a year old and Zion was a newborn and they were both awake crying. Both inconsolable. Patrick and I doing everything we could think of and nothing was working.
Now, years later, nights like that are just a memory. They go to bed easily, fix their own snack, use the bathroom alone.
This isn’t an “enjoy every moment” kind of post, because that’s not possible. Every moment of motherhood is not enjoyable. But every season has beauty.
So, when it’s hard and you’re not sleeping and you’re covered in spit-up and poop, I don’t expect you to enjoy every moment. But if you can find the beauty, you’ll still cherish the season.
Those hard times will be nothing but a memory sooner than you realize. You’ll make it. You’ll be on the other side looking back before you know it.
Sleep deprivation isn’t enjoyable, but the warmth of a newborn cuddled into your body is beautiful.
Postpartum diapers and bleeding for weeks after birth isn’t enjoyable, but the ability to birth a tiny, incredibly human being is beautiful.
It won’t always be enjoyable. It will be hard sometimes. A lot of times. But there will always be something beautiful.

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