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What all is included?

You will receive immediate access to all of the videos for the entire course so that you can go at your own pace! This includes 5 different modules that are each broken down into 4-5 smaller sections. Also included are pdf downloadable workbooks and more!

Modules include:

  • Parent Module
  • Kid Module
  • Discipline Module
  • Taboo Topics
  • Trusting God 

We know it's like to feel like your kids deserve better than how they're being treated. We know what it's like to realize that the way you are parenting is based on the way you were parented and not on what you actually think or know is best. 

Introducing our online course, Intentional Parenting: More Gentle, More Jesus.

Inside, we will walk you through multiple different ways to reframe your thinking so that you can enjoy your parenthood journey, respect your kids, shift to long term goals, and foster a healthy relationship with your kids that goes way beyond right now.

We know you love your kids.

If there’s something inside of you telling you there has got to be a better way than the angry, yelling, hitting way you've been parenting, we are here to tell you...we’ve been there! We’ve been through the days of yelling and spanking and constantly stressed. We just thought that was normal! And maybe it is. But, trust me when I say, there’s a much much better way.

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This course is for you if you if you:

  • Want your relationship with your kids to go far past when they leave your home.
  • Feel like you need more tools for parenting.
  • Struggle with other people’s opinions of how they expect you to parent.
  • Have ever gone to bed feeling guilty for how you parented that day.
  • Realize there's some things from your own childhood that may be affecting the way you parent.
  • Have kids or will ever have kids!

Of course you want what's best for your kids!

  • Maybe you’ve felt discouraged in your parenting journey.
  • Maybe you wish a manual would have fallen from the sky when your baby was born. 
  • Maybe you don’t have any kids yet and want a head start on being intentional.
  • Maybe you’ve tried to make a shift and had no support or got overwhelmed.
  • Maybe you know there’s got to be a better way than what you’re doing.
Let Us Help You

It takes a village.

We have been through the trenches of making some major shifting in the way that we parent and we will not sugarcoat was HARD. We had no one who had been through this before to guide us or warn us what it would be like and we are more than happy to be those people for you!

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In case we haven't met....

We are Allie and Pat! Currently Allie here. Patrick is my high school sweetheart, husband, and business partner. We are just two goofy lovebirds who had kids and realized pretty quickly how hard it was! When we became parents, we knew things that our parents did or didn’t do that we wanted (or didn’t want) to implement with our own kids.


The thing is, we never really dug deeper than surface level! So much of the way we were parenting wasn’t even a conscious choice, but more of a “natural” reaction because of how we were raised. 


We knew something had to change. We knew parenthood had to be more enjoyable than the yelling, spanking, stressed out chaos that we were experiencing on a regular basis. Honestly, we knew our kids deserved better.


So we started doing the dirty work. We started shifting. And it was HARD! We were faced with tonssssss of opposition from family members who took it personally or truly believed in the way they did things themselves. 


But here’s the kicker: they weren’t raising our kids. We were. We were the only ones responsible for our kids. And our relationship with our kids comes far before our relationship with people who decided to take things personally or judge us for our decision. 


While it was absolutely hard at first, our entire household atmosphere is better because of it. Our life as parents is better because of it. Our kid’s childhood (and hopefully adulthood) is better because of it. We aren't spending our days screaming and spanking. Our kids can communicate their feelings instead of just melting down and not understanding why they feel the way that they do. We have been able to connect with them on levels that feel way too mature for their age! But it’s because they are learning how to communicate in a healthy way. 


Instead of shoving them away from us when they have big emotions, we help them through it. 

We no longer try to demand respect through fear. Have you ever tried to have someone teach a math concept through a biology lesson? Seems crazy right? That’s how we feel about teaching “respect” through fear. 


It’s crazy now for us to look back on how we used to handle things and what used to be normal for our family and think that it was ever like that! We truly feel like it wouldn’t be fair of us to keep this information to ourselves when our lives have been so drastically changed for the better.

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